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Technical video - SH40 Alu Look Top Case

The unique design of the SH40 \u0026 SH23 Alu Look Set, in addition to adding a trail style to the whole, makes them ideal for mixed use on the road and in the mountains.

Shad SH40 Topbox on an FZ1 Review

Decided to review my SH40 Shad Topbox!

Link to the forum post I mention about the guy with the bracket problems:

Edit: As of September 2014 it is still going strong. Only issue I had was about 6 months ago I went for a ride on an extremely long and bumpy road and one of the bracket bolts came loose and fell out. Had to fix it with zip-lock ties temporarily and buy a new bolt. Nothing too dramatic and only $2 of out pocket. My fault really for not regularly checking the tightness of the bolts.

J&D SH40 semi hollow guitar MINI REVIEW

This video is a mini review of this beautiful semi hollow guitar.
It is from China and it only cost 200€.
I only had it for one day so this is only a basic test and review.





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