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How to Use Your LG Smart TV: Understanding the Launcher (2016 - 2017) | LG USA

Discover how to use the LG Smart TV Launcher, the fastest way to explore everything that LG Smart TV with webOS 3.0 has to offer. It’s clear, colorful and easy to use. Create shortcuts to your favorite shows, check out our recommendations, and so much more. It’s easy to manage and intuitive, so you can make the most of your home entertainment options. The LG Smart TV launcher does more than ever—and it’s the quickest and easiest route to whatever you’re looking for. Watch this easy-to-follow video and then grab your remote and get ready to optimize your Smart TV viewing experience.
Learn more about LG Smart TVs here: http://www.lg.com/us/experience-tvs/smart-tv
Initial Setup:

LG Content Share:

LandsMall : I'm really frustrated with the WebOS currently I have, This webOS don't have Youtube or Browser too. Instead you guys please look for the android version (Note: as per my knowledge LG don't have Android Version) which is far better than WebOS, I have tried to many ways to contact support but no reply. so, very poor services. Also, people who develops the support apps don't prefer WebOS as LG WebOS support don't provide proper updates for old versions. What else I can say... AFTER 2-3 years of buying LG tv with WebOS, you will feel the same as I'm feeling now, because world goes ahead and LG WebOS stays the same... LOL

I have "42'' LM6690 Cinema 3D Smart TV" but the WebOS on this TV is too old, and have not received any updates for that webOS. Current Version of WebOS is 04.42.08, Is there any way to update my WebOS with Current WebOS, because My TV has many features but due to Old WebOS I'm not able to utilize them properly.
Sem So Theavy : Does LG 32LJ500D can connect to wifi? My TV doesn´t have network function! :3
parag sharma : My LG remote is not working how to start TV buttons sir please suggest 4 button is up but which button is start button I'm so confused
wannabchomsky : how do I add inputs like HDMI to my homebar/ribbon?
David Epling : I don’t have a freaking home button on my lg remote. Can’t access the stupid menu...pretty sure I bought the wrong tv
Agusta : My Tv keeps setting the picture to Vivid. I have to keep changing back to my preferred choice every once in a while. Anyone else facing this? I have LG 43LF5900.
Annette Dupras : I am wondering is there away to pull down the menue on youtube videos..I can watch youtube videos but when it says ...in the description below...how do I do that on the smart tv or is it even possible? Ciuld really use the help
Crystal Yuki : Why I can't see the keyboard on my lg oled TV screen ?
carriersignal : Out of all these damn features, there is not a way to have it so when you power up the TV it just goes to a default app and launches it. This is a major oversight and fail as far as I'm concerned. I have Youtube TV and would like to have it just go to that app, and have it load the last channel I was watching. Kinda like buying a high end sports car with everything imaginable, except for door handles. Oops.
Ryan Larson : I need to enter a username and not just a password for my wifi. I can't find out how this is done on this tv since it does not seem to give me the option. Any suggestions? LG webOS TV UM8070P

How to install Apps on your LG Smart TV (2020)

Easy Guide to install apps on your LG Smart TV.

Please comment and message me with questions =D
phyl1977 : This is NOTHING like my stupid LG Smart TV which is useless. You should really research and specify what model you are performing your demo.
American Patriot : How About Kodi ?
Safia Ali : how you connect ur tv with network
familyguy1 : Thanks for your help! Do you know if there is a way to adjust the bass? We love the TV but anything with a explosion or loud music and the speakers distort. Thanks again!
Benak : I also would like to download wwe app but I cant find it
Benaka Charya : How to download Airtel xstream app in LG SMART THINQ tv

Connect Windows 10 Laptop to LG Smart TV (2020)

Here's how to connect a Windows 10 laptop to an LG Smart TV. Simple steps to follow to get you up and running in no time.

You'll be able to mirror your laptop display onto your TV screen in no time.

Get LG TV onto your WIFI network.

*The TV will also ask you to confirm connection, I had just connected so it didn't ask me (stops random people connecting to your TV).

LG Magic Remote (check compatibility)

LG Magic Remote Silicone Case
Nachimuthu Valupuran : Hi

Am getting the below message

Unable to connect for screenshare. Try again

Could you please help on this
pelotero273 : Easy explanation thank u!!
مرتضى ناصر سلمان الغالب : It doesn't show on my pc What I'm supposed to do
Daylan The Raptor : thanks this helped out a lot




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